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We all know estate planning is important, but how many of us put it on our to-do list? And then how many of us actually get around to it?

It’s easy to put off what we do not like doing. And while we’ve all got our own reasons for avoiding it, they all boil down to one thing—fear.

And that is understandable. . We appreciate the hesitation. But we also know that the best way to deal with fear is by facing it head-on.

Estate planning doesn’t have to be complicated.

With the right estate planning law firm, you can take the guesswork out of handling your family’s financial affairs. Take action—contact our Mount Laurel estate planning attorneys to book an estate planning session today.

Population Statistics in Mount Laurel

According to the United States Census Bureau, Mount Laurel, NJ, had an estimated population of 45,606 in 2021. Of this population, 20.7% were under 18, 18.7% were 65 years and over, and the median household income was $103,399.

Bottom line: Mount Laurel residents have assets and families they want to protect. Let us help you secure your family’s future through estate planning.

Helpful Estate Planning Resources in Mount Laurel

When planning your estate, you will need all the help you can get. Here are some local resources that might help.

State of New Jersey Department of Human Services

The State of New Jersey Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services provides several resources to senior citizens. It offers information for organizations across the state, such as adult day care, fall prevention, and other state-funded services.

New Jersey Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services

3444 Quakerbridge Rd.

Hamilton Township, NJ 08619

New Jersey Estate Tax

Find out how the New Jersey estate tax works and how it may impact estate planning. The NJ Treasury Division of Tax website explains estate tax in-depth and includes a calculator to estimate how much you could owe.

New Jersey Estate Administration Laws

Are you an executor or administrator of a New Jersey estate? Review the New Jersey estate administration laws to learn your rights and responsibilities.

Reliable Estate Planning Attorneys Serving Mount Laurel, NJ

The Simone Law Firm understands that estate planning can be complicated and overwhelming. Our goal is to help clients navigate each step of the estate planning process.

Here are some ways we can help:

When it comes to your future, a cookie-cutter estate plan won’t do. 

Our estate planning attorneys allow you to hand-select the estate planning tools most beneficial to your family. Whether your goals are to avoid estate litigation or keep your assets out of probate court, our attorneys will help you do what it takes to meet your estate planning needs.

FAQ: Mount Laurel Estate Planning

Do I really need an estate planning attorney?

While you are not required to hire an estate planning attorney, doing so is beneficial for several reasons.. Estate plans can be complex and often time-consuming to create. A lawyer can provide legal counsel, helping you navigate this process so that it’s simple and intuitive. Finally, experienced estate planning lawyers will ensure your plan is implemented correctly and lasts for years to come.  Further, it ensures assets are inherited by the individuals you want to receive your estate.  Lastly, it helps avoid probate issues with family/friends in the future.

How do I appoint an executor of my estate?

An executor of an estate is responsible for carrying out a will during the probate process. You can appoint an executor in your will. If you do not name an executor before you pass away, the court state law will choose for you.

What’s better: a will or a trust?

Wills and trusts are different estate planning documents. They have different purposes, so neither item is necessarily better or worse than the other. Wills state how you want your assets divided once you’ve passed away. They can also include information about guardians. 

Trusts allow you to give money to a particular person once you pass away. However, a third party, the trustee, controls the assets in a trust.

Mount Laurel Estate Planning Lawyer

Do you have questions about estate planning in Mt. Laurel? Wondering how to mitigate legal issues or simplify the estate administration process?

At The Simone Law Firm, we know that, at first glance, estate planning can be overwhelming, which is why we’re here to make it easy for you. Let us help you get and keep control over your finances, investments, and other assets so that you can feel confident you’re leaving the right legacy behind. 

Call and book an estate planning session today. Our office is located at 700 US-130 STE 201, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077.

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