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We offer representation to individuals who are entering an assisted living facility or skilled care nursing home, providing assistance in regards to: Medicare and Medicaid issues, finding the right facility for the client, and other related matters that concern the relationship between the patient and the nursing home facility both in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Representing the Elderly Entering a Nursing Facility

We understand that the decision to enter a nursing facility can be emotional and difficult, both for you and your family. We are here to provide empathetic and sincere support to help alleviate the stress and confusion that can come with this transition.

Our team can provide Medicaid planning assistance, ensuring that you understand your coverage options and eligibility requirements. We also work closely with you to find the most suitable nursing home facility for your unique needs and advocate for your rights when handling matters between you and the nursing home facility.

Representing Nursing Home Facilities

We are experienced in utilizing New Jersey’s Medical Assistance Application and Appeal process to obtain for our clients every advantage in obtaining the outstanding balance. In private pay matters, we strive to provide our clients with aggressive, high-quality representation, as governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and to obtain the highest debt collection possible at the lowest possible cost.

  • An area of particular concentration for our firm focuses on collection matters pertaining to nursing homes. Our office has a comprehensive system of computer software and internet tools to locate and expedite the collection from uncooperative debtors. Through past experience in the specific area of skilled nursing care, we have been successful in actively pursuing bad debts from residents who owe money by sending demand letters and promptly filing lawsuits.
  • As an integral part of its healthcare practice, The Simone Law Firm is dedicated to providing effective collection services at a reasonable cost. Experienced attorneys, knowledgeable of important federal and state laws and regulations in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, guide our clients safely and efficiently through the healthcare collection process.
  • In addition to our collection practice, our firm specializes in drafting or fine-tuning admission contracts and representing nursing homes. We have assisted providers in developing nursing facilities, personal care, and other agreements, which facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements for admission and care. We are familiar with the many regulations governing relationships between providers and residents/patients. We have participated in developing policies for healthcare providers to comply with discrimination laws in the admission and transfer, and discharge process.

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The core values of our team distinguish our firm from all others. We know there are many choices in legal representation and we appreciate you considering our firm for your legal needs. Our firm has maintained great relationships with our clients with some lasting over twenty (20) years. Our satisfied clients demonstrate the dependable, trustworthy, honest and efficient representation that we provide in order to vigilantly protect and serve our clients’ legal needs.

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