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The Simone Law Firm, P.C. provides representation and counseling concerning virtually all aspects of commercial litigation and business law. Our interdisciplinary practice focuses on specific areas of law that fall under the greater umbrella of transaction matters and business law.

We represent businesses ranging from small family-owned operations to large private and public corporations in a variety of industries. We represent clients in a variety of transactions, including asset acquisitions, stock acquisitions, debt offerings, equity offerings, real estate development, lease financings, commercial leasing, and entity formations and structuring.

Our firm can address the diverse, day to day needs of businesses, whether they are corporations, limited liability companies or partnerships. Specifically, we assist our clients with such matters as:

  • Contract review
  • Entity choice, governance and management
  • Capitalization and financing
  • Purchasing and selling assets
  • Shareholder Agreements, Operating Agreements and Partnership Agreements
  • Employment and restrictive covenants
  • Facilities expansion and contraction
  • Customer and vendor/supplier contracting
  • Workforce management
  • Executive compensation
  • Owner conflict resolution and split-ups
  • Legal and business counseling and crisis management
  • Labor and employment issues

Typically, for those clients without internal legal resources, we serve as “outside” general counsel, fulfilling the role of business advisor while servicing a broad range of legal needs. For companies that have an internal legal staff, yet require specific support to service certain legal needs, we provide the appropriate expertise, experience and focus to enable them to achieve their legal and business objectives. In either case, the real world experience of our team members allows us to deliver practical solutions and counsel, rather than mere legal theory.

Business strategies for avoiding litigation

It is true no matter what type of legal dispute you may face: the earlier you prepare the better. Careful contract drafting today can help you avoid litigation and other costly contract disputes in the future.

At The Simone Law Firm, P.C. we are dedicated to helping our clients minimize the possibility of contract litigation or avoid litigation altogether. We also provide valuable legal counsel for clients who want to prepare for anticipated legal disputes. If you suspect that your company may be drawn into a contract dispute, talk to a lawyer with experience in pre-litigation planning.

Protect Your Business from Costly Litigation

The Simone Law Firm, P.C. works intensively in creditor-debtor disputes and litigation. Our firm helps creditors, debtors, and homeowners avoid litigation and potential problems, as well as prepare themselves for collection claims and breach of contract litigation. We can fully explain several proactive litigation-avoiding strategies, including:

  • Drafting initial contracts with clear language
  • Reviewing existing contracts and identifying potential legal issues
  • Revising contracts to respond to changes in conditions
  • Setting forth contract terms for potential litigation, such as what type of forum will be required, the place where dispute resolution must take place and any arbitration provisions.

Effective action can be taken at any point during a business relationship. Proactive contract review and updates can strengthen your position and reduce the chance of expensive and time-consuming business litigation. For further information about having your business represented by The Simone Law Firm, P.C., please call 856-833-1788.

Our Core Values

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The core values of our team distinguish our firm from all others. We know there are many choices in legal representation and we appreciate you considering our firm for your legal needs. Our firm has maintained great relationships with our clients with some lasting over twenty (20) years. Our satisfied clients demonstrate the dependable, trustworthy, honest and efficient representation that we provide in order to vigilantly protect and serve our clients’ legal needs.

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