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Providing representation in the areas of Nursing Home Law, Health Law, Elder Law, Wills, Estates and Trusts, Real Estate, Planning & Land Use, Zoning, Corporate, Contract, Business Law, Collection, and Municipal Law in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

We are a small law office dedicated to personal and comprehensive representation of our clients. Every person who is represented by our firm will be treated as an individual and given the personal attention only a small law firm can offer their clients. It is our practice to return phone calls promptly and we encourage our clients to call us without concern for being excessively charged or not being able to personally talk to their attorney. Home visits can be arranged with the peace of mind that we always treat our clients with the respect and dignity that everyone deserves.


Our law firm has affordable representation compared to prices of large law firms and utilizes the most modern tools and techniques to perform duties in a timely and efficient manner. An example is the online filing of legal documents in New Jersey by the use of Judicial Electronic Filing Information System (JEFIS). Michael Simone initiated and was part of being the fourth law firm in New Jersey to file legal documents by the use of the Internet back in the fall of 2000. JEFIS, which is the NJ eCourts System is only one example of how our office saves time and money for our clients by eliminating the traditional use of U.S. Mail to significantly speed up the time it takes to file and receive documents from the court. Our firm participates in the e-Court filing system for all New Jersey cases and most counties in Pennsylvania. We leverage technology to efficiently manage cases, file court documents electronically and provide clients documents and reports at the push of a button.


Service separates our firm from other law offices. Service to our clients and responsiveness is our priority. We have long- standing partnerships with our clients because of their trust. Some of these relationships have lasted over twenty (20) years. Through experienced professionals, dedicated staff and comprehensive attorney management software, our clients receive documentation, updates and status reports on their legal matters on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It is this level of transparency, ongoing communication and responsiveness that sets our firm apart from others.


Our firm emphasizes a team atmosphere for all employees. Regardless of job title we all work together for the greater good of our clients. Culture within our office is key. To instill good comradery in the office we have quarterly group outings, celebrate employee birthdays, and have occasional office lunches as a group to help encourage a great work environment.

We offer a competitive salary, benefits that include health insurance, paid time off, 401k plan with employer match and quarterly bonuses.

SUBMIT YOUR RESUME AND COVER LETTER TO info@thesimonelawfirm.com


Our office is handicap accessible with both an elevator and handicap parking spots located by the handicap ramps into the building to avoid any stairs. The location of the handicap parking spots are located on the south portion of the office building, which is the side of the building closest to Tokyo Blue Restaurant.


the simone law firm



the simone law firm


the simone law firm