What Does a Business Lawyer Do and Why Do You Need One for Your Company?

what does a business lawyer do

Starting a business means legal paperwork piles up quick. From permits and trademarks to taxes and contracts, key legal moves easily slip through the cracks, leaving you vulnerable.

A business lawyer handles the legal heavy lifting so founders can focus on growing their company. At The Simone Law Firm, we oversee incorporations, intellectual property filings, agreements, compliance issues, and any disputes.

With the legal foundation taken care of, founders can dedicate themselves fully to delighting customers.
In this blog, we’ll explore the core services that business law firms provide for organizations across New Jersey and how you stand to benefit.

Law Firms Tackle New Jersey Business Formation Challenges

Whether you’re an emerging startup or an established small business planning expansion into the Garden State, choosing the optimal initial business structure is critical.

A company’s legal status impacts everything from personal liability exposure to taxation scenarios, capitalization options, company ownership models, and beyond.

A New Jersey business attorney can assess your business needs and set up your entity to comply with the state’s formation rules on:

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
  • S-Corporations and C-Corporations
  • General or Limited Partnerships
  • Sole Proprietorships
  • B-Corporations or Benefit Corporations

Based on your unique objectives, risk profile, target customer base, and other variables, savvy NJ business lawyers know which structure works best for you.

Your advocate will handle all the requisite documentation filings to formally establish your company’s legal status with state and federal regulatory bodies.

After formation, your business law firm can prepare customized corporate bylaws, operating agreements, and shareholder contracts tailored to your organization to memorialize policies, procedures, and business owner rights.

Ongoing Compliance for Small Businesses and Other Organizations

Your business law attorney won’t stop at the initial formation stage of your company. The practice can also ensure your business stays legally compliant during operations.

Skilled NJ business lawyers experienced in corporate law provide ongoing counsel as regulations and code requirements evolve, so you steer clear of missteps that could spur lawsuits or crippling fines down the road.

Having a trusted team of business law experts reviewing your policies and procedures regularly through a compliance lens offers invaluable peace of mind, letting you focus more on growth, innovation, and serving customers.

Empowering NJ Companies with Sound Contracts and Agreements

Another vital service that New Jersey business law firms provide is drafting and negotiating complex business contracts or partnership agreements, including:

  • Co-development, joint venture, or strategic alliance contracts
  • Vendor, supplier, and service provider agreements
  • Licensing, manufacturing, and distribution accords
  • Non-disclosure & confidentiality agreements
  • Commercial property and equipment leasing documents
  • Employment and contractor agreements for staff

With multifaceted deals governing nearly all collaborative business relationships, you should have an experienced corporate lawyer ready to review (or develop from scratch) these critical documents for you.

Your attorneys can also help you negotiate client contract terms strategically tailored to the business transaction while ensuring enforceability under New Jersey statutes.

Finally, your NJ business law firm can translate into plain English the dense “legalese” and fine print found in comprehensive contracts so you fully grasp specifics before signing.

Legal Support for Company Mergers, Acquisitions, and Expansion

Sophisticated mergers, acquisitions, or full or partial company expansion often require extensive due diligence, purchase agreement negotiations, memorializing terms, regulatory navigations, and closing procedures.

Retaining an experienced New Jersey business attorney as a trusted advisor throughout the buying, selling, or combining process allows you to thrive before, during, and after deals reach fruition.

Below are some of the transactional guidance and representation services you can count on when working with a business law firm:

  • Conduct meticulous financial, operational, HR, tax, and legal due diligence audits on target companies
  • Structure optimal deals that amplify synergies and minimize tax burdens
  • Draft non-binding letters of intent to align vision during pre-negotiations
  • Prepare air-tight purchase and sale agreements with ideal terms
  • Facilitate complex multi-stage negotiations between buyers, sellers, and investors
  • Amend key business agreements and contracts post-close
  • Provide post-merger integration guidance and counseling

With seasoned business law attorneys involved, you can stay focused on big-picture strategic imperatives rather than getting swallowed by transactional weeds.

Protecting Business Interests With Effective Dispute Resolution Counsel

Despite your best intentions when collaborating or transacting with other companies, disagreements and disputes inevitably emerge.

From perceived contract breaches to property infringement claims and everything in between, business conflicts and litigation carry costly consequences, including:

  • Potential brand reputation damage.
  • Disrupted operations imposing opportunity costs.
  • Time and capital diverted towards contending legal issues.
  • Uncertainty introducing business vulnerabilities.

A skilled New Jersey business lawyer entering into emerging conflicts or claims early can protect your company’s interests.

These advocates are dispute resolution attorneys who can pursue arbitration, mediation, and settlement avenues to resolve issues confidentially out-of-court.

If negotiations deteriorate, your seasoned litigator can file a lawsuit on your behalf and construct winning arguments that judges and juries will recognize.

How Our New Jersey Business Law Firms Can Support Your Company

Here at The Simone Law Firm, our New Jersey business lawyers provide customized guidance at every stage. Whether you’re launching a startup or expanding an enterprise, we offer essential services like forming entities, reviewing contracts, safeguarding intellectual property, providing HR advice, resolving disputes, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

As business owners ourselves, we understand the realities of business building in a hands-on way few lawyers can claim. Consider The Simone Law Firm an extension of your team – empowering executives to focus on growing their company while we mind the legal details that trip up less prepared founders.

Trust New Jersey’s top-rated business law firm to navigate transactions, Agreements, patents, lawsuits, and regulations smoothly while you pour energy into delighting customers. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your company’s specific needs.

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Michael Simone is the Founder and Managing Partner of the Simone Law Firm, an estate planning law firm in Cinnaminson, NJ. With more than 20 years of experience in criminal defense, he has represented clients in a wide range of legal matters, including estate planning, elder law, probate, real estate, and business law.

Michael received his Juris Doctor from the Rutgers University School of Law and is a member of the New Jersey Bar Association.

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